Category: Season 1

Kira and the old man 0


Jake and Nog turn a shipment of worthless condiments into a vast business empire, while Kira reluctantly embraces her new job hassling old coots.

O'Brien and a big angry cloud 0

The Storyteller

O’Brien gets tapped to save a village with his loud Irish pipes, while Jake and Nog avert a possible civil war through the power of puppy love.

Kira and Opaka 0

Battle Lines

Bajor’s lady pope goes for a joyride with Sisko and crew, but ends up in the middle of a never-ending war. Kira comes to grips with her inner bitch.

Odo and Croden 0


One of Quark’s smuggling deals goes bad, resulting in a murder. Unfortunately for Odo, the untrustworthy killer might be the key to figuring out where he comes from.

Quark enjoys being the Grand Nagus 0

The Nagus

The leader of the Ferengi arrives on the station, presenting Quark with both opportunity and danger. Meanwhile, Jake and Nog take part in an after school special.

ep10h 0

Move Along Home

Quark cheats some new aliens at a game of chance and the producers are forced to go all-in on a crazy, TOS-style script.

Bashir gets choked 0

The Passenger

A dangerous prisoner dies during a shipboard fire, but his ghost is causing trouble on the station. And Odo gets his panties in a wad.

Dax, looking forlorn 0


Jadzia Dax is put on trial for a crime she didn’t commit…or at least half of her definitely didn’t.

Q and Vash 0


Picard’s old flame shows up on DS9 looking to sell some trinkets and give Q the slip. Because it’s a small galaxy after all.